Week 6 2018 NFL Power Rankings

This week has seen quite a bit of movement in the top half of the rankings. After 6 weeks, no longer are you subject to the benefit of the doubt for a slow start, based on being good the previous year. This is the part of the season where we entirely judge teams on what they’ve done for us this year, rather than what they are capable of.

With that being said, we welcome Philadelphia back to the top 10 after a short absence, as well as Baltimore making their top 10 debut for the season.

Jacksonville has seen an almighty tumble after an embarrassing thrashing handed out by Dallas, whilst Chicago’s stay in the top 10 was only a brief one, after Brock Osweiler and Albert Wilson led Miami to an overtime upset over them.

This week, Ryan and I discuss a team that zigs while the rest of the NFL zags, teams we underrated and overrated as well as some shock results. The official debut of our new segment, “Luca Loses It”, is also featured in this weeks video, where I get to tee off about a few of the things that have bothered me in the NFL over the past week.